Core Beliefs of the Occupy Inauguration Movement

Here are some of the tenets of the Occupy Inauguration Movement:

Movement for Black Lives joined the Occupy Inauguration movement and call for banning institutional racism and police brutality. Further, they demand the adoption of BLM’s principles by law enforcement, the termination of police militarization, and the racist war on drugs.

The movement calls for halting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock. Another display of the corporate greed who want to drive Indigenous First Nations out of their lands. As if the Treaty Rights were null and void.

The Occupy movement has long called for the divorce between money and power, which means the end of the corporate rule. Following its footsteps, Occupy Inauguration also demand the same through constitutional amendments.

The leaders of the movement also demand Medicare for all Americans and the passage of the Disability Integration Act.

The development of renewable energy and investing in green energy on a massive scale, and the creation of good-paying jobs as a result.

Recognize Global Warming as a threat to humanity and act against it. The end of constructing new oil pipelines and coal terminals as well as freezing fossil fuel extraction including fracking. The demands also include a fair transition for all energy industry workers.

Free college education nationwide, and annulment of student debt.

Rethinking the election system or building a new one. They demand a universal Right to Vote, a Ranked-Voting System, and automatic voter registration. That means terminating the Electoral College and biased voting.

Repeal the ‘too big to fail’ theory and dismantle the big banks because they were responsible for the 2008 financial crisis, and prevent the next economic collapse by ending wealth manipulation.

The end of what they American imperialism and expansion. End all wars and stop the deployment of US troops on foreign soil.

End the mass state surveillance and protect the privacy of American citizens.

Grant speedy presidential pardons for all political prisoners and those in exiles such as Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Leonard Peltier, and Mumia Abu-Jahmal.

Pass a new bill that dictates universal minimum wage for all, not less than $15/hour.

Withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, through Congressman Vote.

These were the demands put out by the Occupy Inauguration movement, and the movement continues to exist until these requirements are met.

The campaign is calling all law-abiding American citizens to withdraw their money from the big banks including Bank of American, JP Morgan Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, and all the smaller banks associated with them. As they see these big banks as the actual root of all evil.

They advocate boycotts, labor strikes, and protests as a way of forcing the government to submit to their demands.

The Occupy Inauguration movement is a mass movement that connects other movements and organizations including resistance groups at Standing Rock, Black Lives Matter, and Occupy Wall Street.

They also gather minority groups of black and indigenous people of color who are oppressed by the policies made by the new administration.

They are mainly opposing Wall Street and the current political system. It is a movement that is built on the freedom of speech and expression, and don’t claim to represent a particular group or political party.

There are many groups and political ideologies gathering under the Occupy Inauguration movement including Greens, libertarians, feminists, socialists, veterans, Native Americans, LGBT people, and Muslims.

One thing stand for sure, the movement still has so much work to do because they demand substantial changes that will not only affect American but the world at large.

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