The Goal of the Occupy Inauguration movement

Occupy Inauguration see that Trump is sponsored by the greedy billionaires of Wall Street. It was and still is opposing the corrupted political and economic system that favors the wealthy elite over the rest of the American people.

The ultimate goal of the Occupy Inauguration movement is to find a strong party that represents the people outside of the Democratic vs. Republican universe. The leaders of the movement believe that both the Democratic and the Republican parties are part of the problem. The two major parties and their leaders have long been the political arms of the wealthy few. Therefore, the Occupy Inauguration movement aims to politically represent the 90% without corporate support, influence, or cash. Those whose financial reputation and credit is in need of repair. It’s a struggle for the planet and the people against the destructive corporate machine.

The Inauguration protests and rallies revolved around these principles and it has several demands. They are:

At the heart of the Occupy Inauguration movement is the opposition to Trump’s promises to mass deport illegal immigrants. Thus, the change call for mass resistance to stop policies that would hurt immigrants, refugees, and their families at all levels.

Human rights groups are similarly part of the movement including women rights groups, black and indigenous communities of colors, pro-abortion groups, LGBTQ+ people, and even disabled people. They are all against undermining Human Rights.

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